Welcome to the Amida 4 Engineering website, a company specialized in control, monitoring and automation technologies for machines, processes and devices. Our technical team accumulates many years of experience in automation of industrial facilities and special machinery in different industrial sectors; from the standalone machine to the whole plant. The wide range of fulfilled projects gives us a wide experience in the latest products and technologies such robotics, numerical controls, motion, servosystems, etc.

At Amida 4, we know from experience that automation goes far beyond a simple control program, there are many factors to consider for ensuring the smooth running of a project throughout its life. A detailed analysis at the beginning of the project facilitates the correct selection of the technologies to use in order to significantly improve the performance of the installation. Moreover, the accurate understanding of the studied system particularities is essential to design the most suitable control algorithm.

On this basis, at Amida 4 we structure our services based on what for us are the four main phases of a project: the concept definition, its development, the implementation and the commissioning. To ensure the effectiveness of a project, a quality work must be done for each of these tasks. Hence our commitment to collaborate, depending on the needs of our customers, on each of these four tasks which give name to Amida 4: Concept, Development, Implementation and Commissioning.

We are convinced of the opportunities on innovation and productivity that current control technologies offer for both machine builders and industry. That is why we like to bring our knowledge and experience to facilitate the creation of value for our customers.

Within the industrial sector, we work for engineering companies, machinery manufacturers, fitters, industry and end users. When it comes to special equipment, we collaborate closely with the developer or manufacturer of the product. We are used to work on prototypes and collaborate with our clients to achieve more reliable solutions and ensure the success of the final product.


The 4 stages of a project, according to Amida 4

  • 01.1 Definition

    Pre-Engineering: : Project analysis and definition of the best solution to solve the task.

  • 01.2 Development

    Engineering: Develop the necessary work to bring the project into practice.

  • 01.3 Implementation

    Project execution: Manufacturing, assembly, installation, programming, etc.

  • 01.4 Commissioning

    Tuning and operative validation of all installed elements, in accordance with the foreseen functions.