Often, when we talk about automation outside the industrial environment, we need reliable and competitive solutions that have little to do with the products available in the market.

In these situations, Amida 4 Engineering develops custom products designed to meet very specific needs. We use various technologies to offer the best solution. We handle the manufacturing for both prototypes and the final product.

  • 04.1 Electronic Equipment

    Special compact devices, special interfaces for standard equipment, etc…

    • Architecture definition, electronic engineering
    • Design of the printed circuit board (PCB)
    • Prototype manufacturing
    • Programming
    • Tests and certifications
    • Industrialization
  • 04.2 Mechanical

    Including from casing up to any additional actuator or component we may need to complete the product.

    • Mechanical engineering
    • Housing
    • Prototype manufacturing
    • Tests and certifications
    • Industrialization
  • 04.3Software

    Applications necessary to view, parameterize, record, control the product

    • For PC
    • WEB server based.
    • For mobile devices (Android, iOS, etc.)